'simply the best'

Head of House

Mrs P Waller

Deputy Head of House

Mrs K Waite

Learning Coach

Mrs K Duke


  • Jacob Potts left Oxted School in 2000 and is now a boxer
  • James Alexander left Oxted School in 1988 and is now an actor

What makes Stocketts Distinctive?

“High Expectations, no excuses” is what we aim for in Stocketts.  As a House team, we believe that learning is about making mistakes, listening carefully to feedback and persisting to improve despite setbacks and challenges.  

Our students focus upon five core elements to make them successful learners:

P - Punctuality - Be on time for school every day, and for every lesson

A - Attendance - Be in school everyday

U - Uniform -  Shirts tucked in and always wear your blazer

S - Safe and Sensible Behaviour -  Respect each other and be responsible

E - Effort - Be the best version of you every day

Our Values

  • Every student ‘known and nurtured’
  • For students to operate as independent learners and thinkers
  • To inspire a love for learning
  • For students to value themselves and others
  • To respect diversity and other opinions
  • To adopt a sense of belonging to Stocketts and the wider world

Stocketts is a bustling environment of challenge and support where students, staff and parents work actively in partnership, to enable all to realise their full potential.  We celebrate the success and achievements of all our students both within and outside the School, encouraging students be the best they can be.

house assemblies

Students will regularly attend assembly with their House

house achievements

  • Champion House
  • 2000/01
  • 2001/02
  • 2002/03
  • 2004/05
  • 2006/07
  • 2008/09
  • Achieved top ATL grades 2013/14

house student leadership (roles and responsibilities)

House Captains

  • Manage Prefect team
  • Assist in day to day running of House

Deputy House Captains

  • Assist House Captains

Sports Captains

  • Organise teams for inter-House competitions

Year 11 Prefects

  • Mentor Year 7 tutor groups
  • Assist in organising House teams
  • Arrange litter duty rota and co-ordination


The House system plays an important role in the life of students.  It provides every student with:

  • Daily contact with a Form Tutor (Form Tutors are part of the House team).  The Form Tutor will be at the centre of the student's experience
  • A tutorial programme delivering academic mentoring and developing personal well-being
  • Monitoring of their learning behaviours
  • Support for issues that are barriers to learning

The House team will contact parents to:

  • Celebrate students' achievements
  • Notify parents of House events
  • Clarify issues that may be affecting a student's learning or well-being
  • Discuss concerns over attendance
  • Notify parents of detentions

Where parents can find further information during the academic year:

  • Parent weekly bulletin
  • Calendar and newsletter
  • Letters from School
  • Like us on Facebook - oxtedschool
  • Follow us on Twitter - @oxtedschool

Parents can support the house team by:

  • Keeping contact details up to date
  • Informing School of any changes to family circumstances
  • Communicating concerns regarding any aspect of School as soon as they become a concern
  • Ensuring your child attends regularly, helping them to achieve 95% or higher attendance
  • Provide the necessary equipment so your child is always ready to learn
  • Ensure your child is correctly wearing full uniform and is punctual for the start of the school day
  • Take an interest in your child's school work and encourage them to always do their best, including the completion of homework
  • Support Oxted School in ensuring high standards of behaviour encouraging your child to follow the Oxted 3
  • Co-operate with the School in providing the best education for your child

Ways that parents can communicate with the house:

  • Emailing the Form Tutor
  • Emailing members of the House team
  • Telephoning a member of the House team


the student planner - parent engagement

Get to know your son/daughter's planner.  If used properly it is a fantastic tool to keep in touch with School, especially the Form Tutor.  Please look at it most nights, keep an eye on homework/letters being sent home.  Please sign the planner every week; it will be checked by the Form Tutor each week in planner check.