'Leading the way'

Head of House

Mr T Edwards

Deputy Head of House / Learning Coach

Mrs V Patakas

Associate Deputy Head of House

Mr P Hayter


  • Oli Lansley left Oxted School in 1993 and is an actor
  • Rachel Dickens left Oxted School in 2006 and is 400m English Schools' Champion
  • Oliver Ashdown left Oxted School in 2007 and is a member of the U16 England Hockey Team

house assemblies

Students will regularly attend assembly with their House

house achievements

  • Champion House
  • 2007/8
  • 2009/10


  • Attendance Cup
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2012


  • Inter-House Competitions
  • Cross Country Champions
  • Joint Gold winners for Sports Day
  • KS4 Female Vocals Winner

house student leadership (roles and responsibilities)

House Captains

  • Manage Prefect team
  • Assist in day to day running of House

Deputy House Captains

  • Assist House Captains

Sports Captains

  • Organise teams for inter-House competitions

Year 11 Prefects

  • Mentor Year 7 tutor groups
  • Assist in organising House teams
  • Arrange litter duty rota and co-ordination

house charity

  • Shelter

The House system plays an important role in the life of students.  It provides every student with:

  • Daily contact with a Form Tutor (Form Tutors are part of the House team).  The Form Tutor will be at the centre of the student's experience
  • A tutorial programme delivering academic mentoring and developing personal well-being
  • Monitoring of their learning behaviours
  • Support for issues that are barriers to learning

The House team will contact parents to:

  • Celebrate students' achievements
  • Notify parents of House events
  • Clarify issues that may be affecting a student's learning or well-being
  • Discuss concerns over attendance
  • Notify parents of detentions

Where parents can find further information during the academic year:

  • Parent weekly bulletin
  • Calendar and newsletter
  • Letters from School
  • Like us on Facebook - oxtedschool
  • Follow us on Twitter - @oxtedschool

Parents can support the house team by:

  • Keeping contact details up to date
  • Informing School of any changes to family circumstances
  • Communicating concerns regarding any aspect of School as soon as they become a concern
  • Ensuring your child attends regularly, helping them to achieve 95% or higher attendance
  • Provide the necessary equipment so your child is always ready to learn
  • Ensure your child is correctly wearing full uniform and is punctual for the start of the school day
  • Take an interest in your child's school work and encourage them to always do their best, including the completion of homework
  • Support Oxted School in ensuring high standards of behaviour encouraging your child to follow the Oxted 3
  • Co-operate with the School in providing the best education for your child

Ways that parents can communicate with the house:

  • Emailing the Form Tutor
  • Emailing members of the House team
  • Telephoning a member of the House team

the student planner - parent engagement

Get to know your son/daughter's planner.  If used properly it is a fantastic tool to keep in touch with School, especially the Form Tutor.  Please look at it most nights, keep an eye on homework/letters being sent home.  Please sign the planner every week; it will be checked by the Form Tutor each week in planner check.