Young Sports Ambassadors

Oxted Leadership Academy was delighted to select five Young Sports Ambassadors - Harvey Edwards, Will Lindsey, Joss Carter, Laura Johnstone and Anna Kverndal. They attended the Surrey Young Ambassadors Sports Conference at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

"At the Sports Conference there were many things we learnt. We were split up into groups so we only knew one person. This was something none of us wanted to happen but in the end it worked out for the better as we got to socialise with different age groups and new people obviously developing our team building skills and confidence around others.

We had so much fun in doing this as all the personalities mixed well, we ended up spending nearly all the time laughing and chatting but obviously about the work set. Throughout the day we were given separate tasks including both practical and theory; such as quizzes, note taking, group discussions and learning new sports.

For the practical side we were kept in our groups and given a sport such as goal ball. We were asked to figure out how to play this game and adapt it so that it can be played by disabled, deaf, visually impaired and all age groups.

Throughout the day we learnt many things such as the difference between sports leaders and sports ambassadors and how ambassadors are more developed than the leaders and tend to give guidance to the leaders just like teachers to students and the importance of these role models in children’s lives to increase participation and opportunities.

The sports leaders are there to make new sports clubs, encourage new sports and make extra-curricular activities fun for everyone. This was exciting as we could make what we wanted of the game using blindfolds, tying things together etc, while having a laugh.

Overall we learnt a great deal from the Sports Conference 2013, from team building to how to coach children of different capabilities. We all had a fantastic day and the first thing we all said when we came out at the end was ‘can we go back next year’! It was a great experience and has encouraged us to develop all the coaching and helping we do at local clubs already."

The first event that the Sports Ambassadors will be putting their new found skills to work at is the Primary School Quicksticks Tournament where they will be in charge of instructing and managing around 30 sports leaders.

Well done team, a great start to your careers as Young Ambassadors!

Miss Newman

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