Match Report Y7 Rugby - Thursday 12 September

Oxted  v De Stafford

 final score 34 – 15

The Team
Daniel Svendsen, Christopher Bell, Luca Fasio, Harry Fisher, Emile Aimapore, Jack Dibble, Dylan Page, Fergus Smith, Tom White, Sam Evans, Javis Khattrey, Ben Hogan, Joel Munroe, Josh Sparks, Fin Caul

The Year 7 rugby team got off to a great start and showed some fantastic talent today. The team were strong with ball in hand and quick to support in open play and at the break down.   Five tries scored in the first half and one in the second; the majority of the tries coming from Dylan Page and Joel Munroe.  However without the rest of the team working hard to get the ball into the right positions and secure the ball, these two boys would not have been in a position to dominate the scoring.

De Stafford got a lot better in the second half and they improved their tackling. This slowed the attack of the Oxted boys, but they showed they have the talents to become a strong defensive team and make their line rock solid.

As a coach, I came away with nothing but praise and we are looking forward to the next game; Caterham at home on Saturday 14 September.


Mr Wheatley


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