Y10 Basketball Tournament at Reigate College

On Wednesday 14 January a team of four Oxted School Year 10 students (Charlie Crocket, Peter Stevens, Shaun Yates, Harry Daniels) and I (Edwin Todd) left for Reigate College to play in a School basketball tournament against schools like Warwick, Warlingham and Oakwood.

We came in the smallest team there and by far the underdogs. No one expected us to win but after a few games they quickly changed their minds. We surged to the finals in the process scoring many shocking last second shots and winning the respect of everyone there.

Before we knew it, the time of the final had come and we had twelve minutes to win the tournament for Oxted, this would be no mean feat as we where playing the also undefeated Warwick School from Redhill. Ten minutes in and the score was tied at 6-6 but then they scored and although we tried our best we were still losing 7-6 with 10 seconds left and the ball in their possession. In that moment,

I stole the ball off them receiving a black eye in the process. However I then missed my shot after a great pass form Harry Daniels and with five seconds left we had nearly lost hope. That was when Shaun got the ball. With two seconds left he somehow managed to get the ball and shoot before the game ended. It was as if the ball flew in slow motion, it went up and then down into the basket. We had won! 8-7 with 2 seconds left, it was awesome.

I look forward to returning next year as reigning champions.

Edwin Todd

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