New Learning Platform

We are pleased to announce the successful roll out of our new Learning Platform, Frog. This is a brand new product built for tablets and desktops which will allow students to 21st Century learning in both the classroom and independently at home.

Teachers can create engaging, media rich resources for students to aid their studies. For example, lessons could include video clips on a topic, class votes, surveys to be completed, interactive quizzes and class debates and discussions via forums. Teachers have the ability to set work via Frog and the students the ability to submit their assignments.

It also incorporates FrogPlay, a collection on interactive quizzes to help revision. The more they revise, the more points they get to spend on line.  Using this tool one hour a week is proven to dramatically improve a student's results.

Both the product and our implementation of it are in their infancy. We aim to grow and develop it over the coming years so that it becomes an integrated and valued part of the teaching and learning at Oxted School.

Please watch the video above, recorded from an assembly students were given to introduce Frog to them.

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