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Multi Skill Festival - Surrey Sports Park, Guildford
Twenty-two of our Year 9 students completed a day of sports leader training in preparation for the students to assist at the Surrey Year 1 and Year 2 Multi Skills Festival in Guildford. They learnt about all the skills that are necessary to be an effective leader and practised leading different drills to each other.

At the Surrey Year 1 and Year 2 Multi Skills Festival, the Sports Leaders were able to put all they had learnt into action, leading warm ups, encouraging the young students and officiating mini games.

After the event the festival organiser said: "Oxted students set the standard with their positive attitude and approach to the training and competition. Their appearance was excellent, they always smiled, their language was impeccable and their energy and enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude were noticeable throughout both days.

In addition, their interactions with parents, adults and children alike were outstanding. I was particularly impressed with Lucy Sumner, Issy Boreman, Jordan Chapman and Max Janaway who volunteered without hesitation or preparation to stand up in front of approximately 200 people (children and adults) to support the leading of a warm up for the children. This demonstrated real courage and I'm certain this positive 'willing to have a go' attitude will serve them well in the important school years to follow as well as in life after school."

Sports Hall Athletics
Oxted School hosted a primary school Sports Hall Athletics event at the beginning of February. Fifteen of our Year 9 Sports Leaders supported the event and did a fantastic job of leading the primary school children through warm ups. They also officiated at an event each, ensuring the students knew what to do, and recorded the results. The event organiser was extremely complimentary of all of our students and said that the event wouldn't have been possible without their help. Well done team!

Dodgeball Tournament
On Wednesday 29 January and Wednesday 5 February 2014 Oxted School hosted a Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 dodgeball tournament, the first of its kind in the Tandridge area!

Ten Oxted Sports Leaders from Years 8-11 were selected to help out at the event and they did a great job of setting up, leading warm up games and, of course, umpiring the dodgeball games which is a massive feat in itself due to the super quick nature of the game!

At the end of the tournament the primary school children, their parents and teachers all gave the Sports Leaders a round of applause for the great job that they had done.

Inter-house Netball Tournament – St Mary’s Primary School
On Friday 7 February 2014 Oxted School's 5 Sports Ambassadors went to St Mary’s Primary School to help run an inter-house netball tournament. St Mary’s had expressed a wish to replicate our own inter-house competition formats with their 4 houses: Tudor, Stuart, Hanover and Windsor.

The event was a great success with every single member of the school playing at least one game of netball for their House. Miss Leach, a teacher at St Mary’s said afterwards: "I wanted to say a big thank you for your help on Friday afternoon. The event was a great success."

We are now looking to make this a regular competition, once every half term.

Miss Newman

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