Oxted's Science Challenge - Update

Oxted School's Science event, the Oxted Challenge Cup, kicked off on Wednesday 12 February 2014. The Oxted Challenge Cup is now in its fifth year.

A selection of Year 5 students from St Mary’s Junior School, St Catherine’s Primary School, Lingfield Primary School and Holland Junior School visited Oxted School’s Science Department for Round 1 on Wednesday 12 February to compete in a variety of science challenges created by some of Oxted School’s Year 8 students.

Throughout the challenge, the primary school students work in teams of 5 and they will compete in 4 rounds overall. Mrs Cilia will visit the primary schools to announce the results after the event.

Round 1: Wednesday 12 February 2014
Round 2: Wednesday 5 March 2014
Round 3: Wednesday 7 May 2014
Round 4: Thursday 5 June 2014

Round 1 – Wednesday 12 February 2014

Round 1’s challenges included testing different foods for the presence of starch, carbohydrate and protein, and a ‘Taste Test’ challenge where students had to use their taste buds to work out what type of fruit, chocolate or crisps they were sampling. The students then went on to make bouncy custard balls as well as a floating and sinking prediction test with fruit.

Round 1 was a great success and Oxted School’s Year 8 students enjoyed working with students from their former primary schools.

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Round 2 – Wednesday 5 March 2014

During Round 2, the primary school teams worked with some of Oxted School’s Year 8 students on a variety of tasks and experiments.

Firstly, the teams created small rockets using kitchen ingredients and had to aim their rocket at a target to win points. The primary school students also built a device to catapult marshmallows and had to predict which brand of cola would produce the highest stream of bubbles when a packet of mentos were dropped in.

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Round 3 – Wednesday 7 May 2014

Round 3 of the Oxted Challenge Cup saw the Year 5 students work with a selection of Oxted School’s Year 8 students to make electromagnets as well as mix acids and alkalis with universal indicator to make the range of colours of the rainbow. The primary school students also investigated streamlining by moulding plasticine into different shapes before dropping their shapes down a long tube to see which shape would be the fastest.

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Round 4 – Thursday 5 June 2014

For the final round of the Oxted Challenge Cup, the primary school teams competed in an exciting ‘Murder Mystery Forensics Challenge’ with help from some of our Year 8 students. Each group worked together to analyse five pieces of evidence including chromatography of ink, pH of a mud sample, identification of hair samples and using flame tests to identify some mystery powder.

The final results from the four rounds will now be counted and Mrs Cilia will announce the competition results to the primary schools before the end of term. Last year’s winners were St Catherine’s Primary School.

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