Travel & Tourism Customer Service Training Session

On Monday 16 December 2013 we were delighted to have two air stewardesses come and work with 30 students in Year 10 to Year 13 who are studying Travel & Tourism and Business Studies. The speakers delivered their customer service sessions through using interactive methods including role play.

The speakers were dynamic in their delivery and kept the students captivated when discussing real-life situations that they had encountered in their years of experience; this kept the students engaged from the start through to the end.

The students were given a number of scenarios which they had to act out and demonstrate customer service skills. They immersed themselves in their roles and successfully demonstrated the tasks they were given by dressing up and using props available to them. Many stayed in character until we finished! What they had learned by the end of the session had an educational side to it. All were able to apply what they had learned to their coursework and most went away appreciating why businesses need to provide good or outstanding customer service.

The success of this vocational session was achieved by outside guests wanting to be a part of the development of our students and we thank both representatives from British Airways and Virgin Airways. We look forward to working with you again.

Mr A Percival
Head of Travel & Tourism

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