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General Information

We were all Sixth Form age once. It is a period of rapid change, new challenges and important decisions. I believe that it is more pressurised now than in the past, in many ways.

We want to prepare students for adult life by providing them with the qualifications and skills they need to achieve their goals, whatever these may be. This is a widely shared aim, but how to achieve it is an altogether more difficult question.

We want to give our students enough freedom to allow them to learn how to use freedom responsibly and to their advantage, but not so much freedom that they may fail in their endeavours through lack of structure and support. This fine line is difficult enough to judge when it comes to an individual; we have to set the boundaries for a community of almost 450 students.  Good relationships between parents, staff and students are the third ingredient for success. We want students to manage their time effectively, plan ahead and learn for themselves rather than be taught. Ambitious though this sounds, we are proud to say that we have achieved this for many hundreds of students in recent years.


Help with travel costs for Sixth Form students

Surrey County Council

Kent County Council



The Snelling Bursary

Since 2006, the Oxted United Reformed Church has awarded several voluntary service bursaries to students from Oxted School. Please click here for further information.