Government & Politics

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Culture in Government and Politics

Government and Politics is well placed to help deliver the SMSC provision. The subject lends itself to debate, critical thinking, tolerance of alternative views, respect of all cultures and an understanding of different moral positions.

We do this via:

  • Classroom debates
  • Responsible use of social media
  • Access to current affairs on TV and in Print Media
  • Background research on historical political issues
  • Guest speakers
  • Department trips
  • Extensive note taking and Essay writing

Our schemes of work include:

  • Investigating into a wide number of political ideologies- from Conservatism, through to Socialism via Environmentalism and Feminism
  • Studying the major aspects of the UK and USA democratic process- Role of Parliament and Congress, Law Creation, Role of the Executive, Beliefs of Political Parties, Activities of Pressure Groups
  • Monitoring recent political changes both in the UK, USA and across the globe
  • To be aware of the UK legal system and the rule of law

We expect our students to:

  • Be aware of all sides of every debate and show toleration of all sides
  • To be confident in expressing their own views but to be able to justify their opinion and back it up with accurate evidence
  • To recognise the “blessings” of our Democratic system without losing their democratic right to express their own analysis
  • To show mutual respect for political and moral views that they may not agree with

Please see schemes of work for specific lesson SMSC.