English as an Additional / Foreign Language

About 2% of the students at Oxted School have English as an Additional Language (EAL). Students first languages range from: Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Mandarin, Korean, and Polish. The English as an Additional Language (EAL) department provides support to students both linguistically and culturally, helping them to raise their communicative ability and adapt to school in an English-speaking environment. Staff in the EAL department are at the core in ensuring all teachers at Oxted School make reasonable adjustments to ensure that EAL students are not at a substantial disadvantage when compared with their peers.

The support offered at Oxted School aims to build the students' confidence and ability to communicate effectively with everyone that they come into contact with. The high quality teaching provided encourages students to achieve higher standards across the curriculum and benefit from the ability to interact more successfully with native speakers both in and out of school. The support offered in school is bespoke for each individual and this personalised approach allows all students, irrespective of any perceived difference, disability or other social, emotional, cultural or linguistic difference, to achieve well throughout their schooling and lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Please contact Mrs Patakas (vpatakas@oxtedschool.co.uk) for further information.