Support Staff

Mrs S Anderson

Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre)

Mrs H Baldwin

Partnership Finance Manager

Miss I Barabasz


Mrs T Barkley

Examinations Officer

Mrs K Bearman

Pastoral Administrator

Mrs A Bell

Teaching and Learning Facilitator

Mrs R Braunstein

Science Technician

Mrs C Brett

Creative Arts Technician

Mrs J Brimilcombe

SEN Learning Coach

Mr M Burr

Partnership Assistant System Engineer

Mrs S Byrne

Data Manager

Mrs M Carson

Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre)

Mrs S Churchill-Coleman

Lettings Administrator (Mon & Thur)

Mrs S Collins

Cover Supervisor & Coordinator / ITT Coordinator

Ms S Cooper

Sixth Form Support Leader

Mrs S Constable

Communications Assistant (Reprographics)

Mrs R Cornick


Miss D Craddock

Pupil Welfare Officer

Mrs H Crowe

Pastoral Administrator

Mrs Y Dale

Partnership HR Office Coordinator

Mrs I Day

Library Assistant

Mrs H Duck

Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre)

Mrs K Duke

Learning Coach - Stocketts House

Mrs M Erskine

Finance Assistant

Mrs Y Everall

PA to Headteacher

Ms M Feeley

Learning Coach - Tenchleys House

Mr T Fell

Partnership ICT Support Technician

Mr G Fitch

Partnership Site Manager

Mrs T Galloway

Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre)

Miss G Greenslade

School Administrator (Reception)

Mr P Gyasi


Mrs J Halcrow

Emotional & Social Support / TLF

Mrs C Hall

Teaching & Learning Facilitator (MFL)

Mr P Hall

Partnership Maintenance Assistant

Mrs S Hamer

Assessment Assistant

Mrs G Heath

Science Technician

Miss Z Henderson

Deputy SENCO / Pupil Premium Coordinator

Mr K Hunt

DT Technician

Mrs C James

Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre)

Mrs C Kent

Communications and Marketing Officer

Mrs K Lambert

Raising Aspirations Coordinator

Mrs H Leech

Head of VI Specialist Centre

Mrs E Long

Senior Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre)

Mr A Malton

Internal Learning Unit (ILU) Manager

Mrs T McCarthy

Finance Manager

Mrs J Miller

Teaching Assistant (VI Specialist Centre) / Enrichment Coordinator

Mr D Morris

Extended Project Qualification

Mrs K Mullen

Admissions & Attendance Officer

Mrs S Noonan

Teaching & Learning Facilitator (Geography)

Miss S Osborne

Learning Support Assistant

Mr C O'Sullivan

Head of Emotional & Social Support

Mrs V Patakas

Deputy Head of House / Learning Coach - Detillens

Mrs A Parker

Teaching Assistant - Creative Arts

Mrs V Patel

Partnership ICT Operations Team Leader

Ms M Pekacka


Mr S Pembele

Cleaning Supervisor

Mr M Pilgrim

Learning Support Assistant - VI Specialist Centre

Mrs S Plant

ILU Assistant

Mrs S Powell 

Science Technician

Mrs J Price

Teaching Assistant

Mr N Reid


Mrs A Rosier

Lead Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Shields

Pupil Welfare Officer

Mrs R Shorey

School Administrator (Reception)

Mrs P Smith

Partnership HR Office Coordinator

Mr D Snow

Science Technician

Mrs N Snuggs

Deputy SENCO

Mrs D Southwood

FDT Technician

Mrs A Stevenson

Finance Officer

Mrs H Symmons

Science Technician

Ms V Tetteh


Mrs L Thurston

Clerk to Governors

Mrs C Wadham

HLTA (Maths)

Mrs K Waite

Deputy Head of Stocketts / HLTA (Science)

Miss H Walker

Partnership HR Administrator

Miss K Wilder

Learning Coach - Foyles House

Ms T Wilson


Mrs A Wood

Teaching Assistant - Humanities

Mrs S Wordsworth

Learning Coach - Grants House

Mr G Zurawek 

Partnership ICT Support Technician